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  1. Ashish

    Important GK Questions about Sikh Gurus?

    1. Who was founder of Sikh Religion? Ans: Guru Nanak 2. Whose teaching are composed in Adi Granth or Granth Sahib? Ans: Guru Nanak 3. Who Invented a new script called "Guru-Mukhi". Ans: Guru Angad 4. Langar was started by which Guru? Ans: Guru Amardas 5. Who Led struggle against Sati and...
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    Get real on Swachh: on manual scavenging - 19 July 2017 - The Hindu

    Source - The Hindu Despite the most stringent (strict) penal (relating to) provisions in the law against manual scavenging (search for and collect (anything usable) from discarded waste), it continues in parts of India. The recent order of the Madras High Court asking the Centre and the Tamil...
  3. Ashish

    Forever young: on Roger Federer's longevity - 18 July 2017 - The Hindu

    Source - The Hindu Wimbledon’s greatest illusion is the sense of timelessness it evokes (bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind). Over the past fortnight on its hallowed (honour as holy) lawns, one of its finest champions managed to pull off a similar impression. At...
  4. Ashish

    A looming threat: on the TB crisis - 17 July 2017 - The Hindu

    Source - The Hindu About 5,500 of over 76,000 children tested in nine Indian cities have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, 9% of them with multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB), highlighting the silent spread of the disease. Though the actual prevalence (commonness) of MDR-TB among children in India...
  5. Ashish

    Unsurprising verdict: on TN's quota for medical students - 15 July 2017 - The Hindu

    Source : The Hindu The Madras High Court verdict striking down the Tamil Nadu government order that had earmarked (designate for a particular purpose) 85% of seats in undergraduate medical and dental courses for students from the State Board is no surprise at all. Once it was laid down by law...
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    Trigonometry Questions Part 10

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 9

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 8

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 7

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 6

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 5

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 4

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 3

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 2

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    Trigonometry Questions Part 1

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    We need Paris: on U.S pulling out of climate deal - 3 June 2017 - The Hindu

    Source: The Hindu In abandoning the Paris Agreement on climate change, U.S. President Donald Trump has chosen to adopt a backward-looking course on one of the most important issues facing humanity. Ignoring scientific evidence on carbon emissions, Mr. Trump has carried his contempt (disregard...
  17. Ashish

    Gross misuse: on States using 'Goondas Act' - 3 June 2017 - The Hindu

    Source: The Hindu Preventive detention (the action of detaining someone) laws in the country have come to be associated with frequent misuse. Such laws confer (grant/bestow on) extraordinary discretionary (available for use at the discretion of the user) powers on the executive to detain (keep...
  18. Ashish

    Back to basics: on the dip in GDP growth - 2 June 2017 - The Hindu

    Source: The Hindu India’s economy, measured by the gross domestic product, grew at 7.1% in 2016-17, the slowest pace since the National Democratic Alliance (a union or association formed for mutual benefit) government came to office in 2014, and significantly lower than the 8% growth clocked in...
  19. Ashish

    Pharma lobby strikes: on the threat from e-pharmacies - 2 June 2017 - The Hindu

    Source: The Hindu Pharmacies (a shop or hospital dispensary where medicinal drugs are prepared or sold) across the country went on a one-day strike this week to highlight their concerns about the threat from e-pharmacies, and the cost that will be imposed by new regulations on the sale of...
  20. Ashish

    Uncertain times: on the security situation in Afghanistan - 1 June 2017 - The Hindu

    Source: The Hindu Afghanistan is no stranger to terror attacks. Even so, the repeated strikes in the most fortified areas with mounting casualties demonstrate a steadily deteriorating security situation. In April, the Taliban had targeted an army base in Mazar-e-Sharif, killing over 100...