Important Questions About Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


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1. When did Jawaharlal Nehru born ?
Answer: In 1889 November 14

2. When was Jawaharlal Nehru first elected as Congress president?
Answer: In 1929, Poorna Swaraj Resolution was passed at this section (Lahore)

3. What is the name of newspaper which is started by Jawaharlal Nehru ?
Answer: National Herald

4. Who was the longest serving prime minister of India?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

5. What is the name of autobiography of Jawaharlal Nehru ?
Answer: An Autobiography

6. Who wrote the book "Glimpses of World History" ?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

7. Who wrote the book "Discovery of India" ?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

8. Who is the prime minister when India signed the Pancha Sila with China ?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

9. When did Nehru got Bharat Ratna ?
Answer: In 1955

10. When did Jawaharlal Nehru die?
Answer: in 1964 may 27

11. Who is the first person got "Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding" award ?
Answers: U Thant in the year 1965